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Aesthetic Illustrations

Allan Deas

Upside Down – Table top design, so the image had to work more than one way up!     

Today we talk to Allan Deas about him and his fabulous artwork:

“Much of my work is commissioned so there’s a usually a brief from the client so in a way the motivation is very different than self initiated designs.

Funfair – Personal work – 1950s inspired fairground     

“For personal work the inspiration can come from many things… an idea from a sketch or just something that pops into my head. I can be inspired by many things and I guess the aesthetic of my work is influenced a lot by memories of TV programmes and books & graphics from the 70s & 80s when I was a kid.

I Love to Ride My Bicycle – Personal Work based on Edwardian cyclists     

“Usually the main aim is to create fun & visually pleasing images which I hope would make the viewer smile! I know if it’s something I’ve enjoyed creating then usually it will also please others.

Ships in the Night – Personal Work – Pirate Holdup     

Future Plans

“I’m working on a few commercial projects which unfortunately I can’t discuss until they are released but this year I have some interesting personal work I would like to pursue and hopefully have some sort of exhibition later in the year & I’m also working on opening my online shop with product based on my designs. Always open to new projects & ideas though!”

For more illustration visit Allan’s blog.