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Quota – changes within modern society

Charlie Perham

Clovelly Harbour    

Today we talk to Charlie Perham about his image series called ‘Quota':

“Quota is an ongoing documentary piece concerned with the representation of communities and the individuals that form them; it explores cultures & traditions in the face of changes within modern society. Primarily the Quota system, brought upon the fishing industry some 20 years ago, which replaced traditional small-scale practices which were often more than family run businesses; they were craft, knowledge and a lifestyle, which had survived for hundreds of years, but are seemingly being replaced with large-scale private industry.

The Image above shows Clovelly Harbour “shot at 6am in the morning before going fishing with one of the last traditional Herring Fishermen, my father.





“Fishermen and locals during a Herring Festival in North Devon for the on going Quota project.

Abandoned Back Road    


“Punts left rotting abandoned half way up a cliff road.

In future “Quota will always being evolving, but for now I am producing some work on Ridley Road Market stall owners and they’re frequent customers up in Dalston.”

If you are interested to know more about Charlie and Quota visit

  1. Martelfuzz says:

    Still awesome. especially the first one.

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