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Immersed in Nature

Holly Sharpe

Peacock Girl     

Meet Holly Sharpe, a talented artist who engages, provokes and inspires others through her unique illustrations.

“Peacock Girl is one of my most recent illustrations. It is part of a new series I am currently working on, it incorporates surreal, dream-like scenes of girls ‘immersed’ in nature. I hope that they will touch on the beauty and value of being close to nature. I think in a lot of the world these days we live too far from nature, from our roots.

“The motivation behind my work is something I can’t quite put in to words, I just know that it has always been inside of me and the more I do it, the more inspired/ motivated I become. Ultimately I do hope to be able to use my work to engage, provoke and inspire others. The long term goal is to somehow portray a positive message about how we live our lives and to spread an awareness about important issues.

Sense II     

“Sense II is a mixed media piece, it is part of a series of drawings that I will go back to as I don’t feel finished with it yet. The main idea/inspiration behind it was the fascinating ‘condition’ of Synesthesia. That is what the text in this image is about. The condition is largely unknown and varies greatly from one person to the other. For me, it also poses the question of do we all see the same and what determines how we see colours/ details, our eyes or our brain?

No More Words     

“No More Words was initially a drawing I did for my friend Jake. I didn’t have a clear idea of where it would go when I started it, sometimes I just let things flow, which doesn’t always work! The title ‘No More Words’, was inspired by the song by Anna Calvi, who Jake introduced me to.

New Sketch V     

“New Sketch V was an initial sketch for a recent commission for a fashion brand…. which I will hopefully be able to reveal soon! The finished piece has a lot of colour and other elements to it, but I actually quite like the basic pencil on paper sketch.

To see more of Holly’s work, please visit her website.