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Shoots, shoots and more shoots

Jenny Brough

Red Shoes    

Today we want to introduce to you Jenny Brough and her stunning work. We talked with her about her motivation behind photography and her images.

“Nothing excites me more than seeing my ideas, creations and dreams made real to show everyone my visions; this is what motivates me everyday to finish the last project so that I can concentrate on the next one. With each success I get more and more adventurous with my ideas and their implementation, there is still so much more to explore.

“Sometimes I worry that life may not be long enough to accomplish it all.

The image above is called ‘Red Shoes’ and “is my most viewed photograph, it was taken on my first test shoot and has proven to be a statement piece since the start of my career.

Noir Magazine    


This image is a shot of a series “for Noir Magazine. We were trying to create the feel of the 60’s, 70’s and androgynous styling while keeping it really clean and simple.

Queen of Hearts    


“This is one of my favourite shots, it was created for the ‘Queen of Hearts’ launch. We wanted a really iconic image for this without giving too much of her identity away to keep the audience interested.

I Am Her, She Is Me    


This image, printed on C-Type Fuji Flex is an excerpt “from my series ‘I Am Her, She Is Me’. It’s based around the idea of the 2 sides of the Ice Queen – the Light and the Dark. This was my first real conceptual piece of work and has been a great starting point to progress on to even greater ones.

Future Plans

At the moment I’m planning shoots, shoots and more shoots. I love to engross myself in creating something magical from the location through to the ideas for styling. You will also be able to see the stills from ‘Hasta La Muerte’ in August.. so watch this space!

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  1. Mauricio says:

    This is my most favorite shoot that you have ever done! Jennifer looks amseowe, I love the country soft feel! Critsey, you just continue to amaze me all the time. I’m in love with these, now I want a country shoot

  2. Lee Evans says:

    Love her work! Very talented.