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Fashion Illustration

Luke Shaw


Today we want to introduce you to Luke Shaw and his fashion illustrations:

“The illustrations I had printed over at thesprintspace were done for a competition at my university – Nina De York Fashion Illustration Competition 2011, which I was joint winner back in July.

Walter Van Beirendonck     

“The main idea behind each of the drawings was to try and be a little more playful with fashion illustration and to take the main characteristics of the collections and to show them in a different manner each time. I want to show a bit more personality in each illustration.

Jil Sander     

“Currently I am working on my final year collection at London College of Fashion. I intend to create another series of illustrations to accompany the collection, however this time for my own design work. I am looking at using different types of media and techniques used in the collection to make up the illustrations.


For more of Luke’s illustrations from the competition and drawings for the new collection visit him on tumblr.

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