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Cheeky Illustrations

by Malika Favre

La Parisienne    

Today we talked to illustrator Malika Favre about her and her fantastic illustrations, enjoy:

“I have always drawn as far as I can remember. I was very obsessive as a kid and I would draw for hours every day. I never stopped and it became fairly obvious by the time I graduated that I had to pursue illustration and design as a career. I draw a lot of girls and curvy animals because I love the curves and shapes they create.

“I am more instinctive than conceptual with my approach to illustration – I draw things that please me at a certain moment in time. Things that catch my eye.



This illustration “part of the Lust Triangle series that I am currently developing. I am looking into animal postures and trying to translate them as hybrid creatures part female/part animal. I am very intrigued by myths and gods. This is an ongoing project.



“Esquisses were originally sketches used to create the Wallpaper alphabet for the magazine. I started exploring a couple of positions very roughly and towards the end of the project, I collated all of them and created a limited edition screen print to sell on Airside Shop a couple of years ago. I like their spontaneity and lightness.

Wallpaper Alphabet    


“This alphabet was commissioned by Wallpaper for their sex and Art issue last year. I had pretty much free range to do something naughty and a bit cheeky for the magazine. They originally came to me because they saw the alphabunnies I previously did so I decided it was time for a new alphabet of pin ups. I am also developing a new alphabet, with men this time (imagine that…)

“I currently work at Airside design studio in Angel and I am setting up on my own in a couple of month to dedicate myself fully to illustration and animation direction. Pretty exciting times ahead really! I am currently working on a really naughty book cover project with Penguin and taking part in an exhibition with Little White Lies but I can’t say more about those…

If you are interested in more then visit Malika under