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Photocrowd Competition Winners

Show Your Best... Documentary

We are pleased to present you the crowd and expert vote winners of our new photography competition with Photocrowd.

This month we started our new contest with Photocrowd themed ‘Documentary Photography’. The 200 available places filled up quick and then it was up to the community and photography expert and co-founder of Photocrowd, Liam Bailey, to vote for their favourites.

Crowd Winner: Sarah Wyld

This striking documentary portrait by Sarah Wyld (top image) immediately captures the viewer’s attention as one wonders about its subject and her action. As it turns out the woman is Joyce, a café worker at the Battersea Arts Centre in South London, at the moment of the announcement that the arts centre was spared the closure it was potentially facing.

“I took the photograph in 1979 when the Arts Centre was under threat of closure,” says Sarah. “There was a lot going on – Thatcher came to power, Wandsworth Council went Tory and was to become ‘the jewel in Thatcher’s crown’. I recently scanned this negative, along with some others, onto my computer, printed and donated them to the Battersea Arts Centre.”


Expert Vote Winner: Shaun Connell

This funeral image by Shaun Connell is Liam Bailey’s choice for the winner of the Show Your Best Documentary competition. “Using selective focus Shaun concentrates the viewer’s attention on one of the pallbearers, providing a clear entry into the picture,” he explains. “The presence of a camera at this very distressing time leads me to believe that Shaun knows the family well or is intimate with the situation, which is a very strong grounding for this image, or indeed any immersive documentary project.”

Caribbean funerals are intimate occasions that celebrate the life of the deceased. In this photo we see the family of the deceased girl carrying her coffin into church. The emotions etched on their faces are personal yet universal.

“I’m often asked what the purpose of funeral photography is,” Shaun says. “I am a documentary photographer who specialises in life. For me, documenting a funeral is just as important as documenting a wedding, christening or birthday. My goal is to produce a respectful, faithful and moving body of work that captures the celebration of life. The value of the resulting body of work cannot be underestimated as it often assists family and friends in their grieving process.”

Congrats to the great winners! They will receive a superb 30″ x 40″ print on any of our C-type or Giclée papers and get a free sample pack of our professional papers.

We will announce the next Photocrowd competition shortly!


  1. Liam Bailey says:

    Great images in this contest with the backing of theprintspace, is all about rewarding photography.