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Toy Story 3 was ok

Rosco Brittin & Robert Curtis

Toy Story 3 was ok‘ unites Rosco Brittin’s vibrant illustrations and Rob Curtis’ detailed dark lino prints in their first¬†double exhibition at theprintspace.

With ‘Toy Story 3 was ok’ London-based illustrator Rosco Brittin returns to theprintspace gallery with his ‘Famous Actors Alphabet’, a¬†4ft high urinating character, and giant cut out Gnomes in tow.

While Rosco’s collection features eye burning coloured illustrations, Robert Curtis’ work is the polar opposite. “Excluding maybe toilet habits,” as Rosco puts it.


In their first double show, Robert displays his extremely ‘moody’ detailed lino prints. Altogether the two artists show over 50 of their works.

London’s Vandalism, Characters and Wildlife

The title ‘Toy Story 3 was ok’ is based on a very small piece of graffiti Rosco spotted in a men’s toilet, he tells us. “It made me laugh because it was such a tiny pointless review but I instantly liked the person who wrote it.”


“Rob’s and my connection is that we have a love/hate relationship (as we all do) with the city of London, from its vandalism to its characters and wildlife,” explains Rosco. “Mixed with an extremely English sense of humour.”

Are you Rosco or Rob?

“I think people should come to the show because like life, the room is split perfectly between to totally different interpretations of the same thing,” he says.

So different in fact that you will have to decide on entry: are you Rosco or Rob?


Rosco first met Robert at Pimlico School when he was 12. “We didn’t really like each other,” says Rosco. “But after much bullying Robert became my best man.”

The illustrator was brought up in a video shop in King Cross ‘amongst thieves, greyhounds, bookies, dept collectors, drug addicts and a loving family’.

He studied art ‘absolutely nowhere famous’ but has used his influences growing up to create a positive, humorous and often ‘childish’ form of freelance illustration.


Robert’s lino prints are inspired by his upbringing in Covent Garden and use a detailed black and white technique to depict strongly architectural settings, contrasting them with elements of urban squalor.

He has exhibited at the annual FBI Mall Gallery Originals show (2005), at Lower Cockhill Studio (2006 and 2008), and at the Liminal Gallery in Crystal Palace (2010).


Toy Story 3 was ok: 16th – 29th May 2014, Mon – Fri 9am – 7pm, theprintspace gallery, 74 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DL, admission free.

Join us at the Private View, on Thursday 15th May, 7 – 9.30pm, with drinks provided.