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Environmental policy

Caring for the environment is essential to the conservation of
precious natural resources and the sustained health of our planet.
theprintspace recognizes its responsibility to continually strive to
reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and the prints
we make.

Our aims

To reduce our environmental footprint, working towards making the environment a cleaner and more sustainable place to live in
To minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring that they are as efficient as possible
To actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers
To meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to theprintspace

Our actions

Theprintspace recycles all bottles after exhibitions as
well as paper, and where possible uses packaging from
recycled materials.
We run a paperless invoice system by emailing clients
their invoices instead of printing them.
All silver waste from our c-type print production
process gets extracted, refined & reused.
By charging for packaging and not including it
in the price of the print, people are encouraged
to re-use their packaging.
We support the Green Transport Plan government
scheme, and encourage all members of staff to
use bicycles for transportation.