Frequently Asked Questions:


What are your opening hours?

Monday – Friday / 9am – 7pm

Where is theprintspace?

Our physical address is on 74 Kingsland Road, E2 8DL. The nearest tubes are Old Street Station & Liverpool Street Station. However, we also have an online ordering system, so you can be based anywhere in the world to have your prints/mounting/framing delivered to your doorstep. 

I need some expert help with colour management and retouching. How much do you charge for a technicians help?

We charge £50 per hour for a technician’s help. We will only charge you for the time spent with the technician. I.e. ½ an hour would be £25 and so on.

How long does mounting take?

Mounting takes 5 working days (with the exception of Acrylic Reverse which takes 10 working days), however if you need it sooner, we can put a ‘rush charge’ on your order. The cost and how quickly we can have it ready depends on your order, please call us for more details.

How long does printing take?

Printing can take up to 1 hour in quiet periods, but in busy periods the amount of time depends on the quantity, size and paper type you order. Once printed, if you are not present to pick it up, we will keep it safely stored until you available to collect it.

How long does framing take?

Framing takes 10 working days, however if you need it sooner, we can put a ‘rush charge’ on your order. The cost and how quickly we can have it ready depends on your order, please call us for more details.

What scanner do you use?

We use the Hasselblad Flextight X5 virtual drum scanner, taking negs up to 5” by 4” and producing 450Mb+ files. You will need to call in advance to book the scanner.

How much do you charge to use a scanning booth?

We charge £35 per hour plus VAT for a negative scanner and £24 per hour plus VAT for A3+ flatbed scanner. We will only charge you for the time spent in the booth, in 15-minute slots.

What are your retouching booths like?

The retouching booths are high-spec with colour balanced viewing, Macs with Eizo monitors, Wacom tablets, Photoshop & Capture One Pro.

How much do you charge to use a retouching booth?

We charge £12 per hour plus VAT. We will only charge you for the time spent in the booth, in 15-minute slots.

Why should I order a sample pack of printing papers?

Because this will help give you an understanding of the different paper types we offer, and what paper type would be most suitable for your image. This is especially useful if you can't come into the studio, or you would like a pack of paper options to show your clients. The feel of the paper can make an immense difference to your image, so we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the different paper types we carry.

How should i display frames and mounted work?

Do not hang in direct sunlight or humid conditions. High or low humidity can cause damage to artwork. Do not hang directly over any heat sources such as radiators or close to airconditiing units.


What image formats do you accept?

We accept Tiffs or Jpegs. Files must be flattened before sent to print.

How do I apply the same paper or mounting option to all my files?

If you have uploaded several files and you want to print them all on the same paper type, or mount them all on the same material, you need to click the "select all images" button. Select the paper type, mounting, framing, etc. and then click on the "apply" button. Your selection will be applied to all the files. Then click on "next step" to continue.

How should I size my file to upload?

Size your image to the print size that you require at 300dpi.

After uploading files, how do I remove any that I do not want to print?

After uploading your files, if there are images that you do not want to print, click on that image and change the quantity to 0.

After uploading files, how do I add more files to my order?

If you wish to upload more files, click on the image upload link on the top left hand side of the order page then click on the select images button and select your additonal files to upload.

What size test strip can I do?

Create your test strip 4" wide by the length of your print. maximum 4"x30".

My file does not view when uploaded

If your file does not view when uploaded please check the following:

Ensure your file is tagged with a profile.

Ensure that there are none of the following illegal characters in the file name     / ? < >  : * | " ‘

If uploading a Tiff file, ensure that no compression is applied to the file and the tiff option is interleaved and not per channel.

Do you print on sheets or rolls of paper?

All prints are printed on a roll media so borders must be placed on files before submission. We only print files exactly how they are saved in Adobe Photoshop so they must be prepared prior to submission.

Do I need to size my images correctly before sending them through to print, or will you do that for me?

You will need to size your images to the specific size you want yourself before sending them to print, if you have any problems with this, please contact us. If you have forgotten to size at home or do not have Photoshop, you can hire one of our retouching booths to do so. Alternatively, one of our retouchers can be hired to do this for you, please contact us for more information.

What are rendering intents?

Sometimes the colours that are produced by the one device cannot be reproduced by another device. For example a monitor may reproduce more colours than those achieved by the inks employed by a printer. The colours that cannot be reproduced are known as out of gamut. Due to the fact these colours cannot be reproduced means that they have to be replaced before the image or document can be processed. The ICC specifies four rendering intents relative colorimetric, absolute colorimetric, perceptual and saturation intents. These four rendering intents handle the colour data slightly differently and should be experiment with in Photoshop.

How much sharpening do I apply?

Our printers do not apply any sharpening so files must be pre-sharpened in your image editing software. They must be prepared to your desired sharpness before submission for printing.

What rendering intent do I use?

For most natural photographic imagery that is intended for printing or display uses a perceptual rendering intent. However if a professional printer is used in the workflow that possesses a large gamut a colorimetric rendering intent should be implemented. It is also important to consider in proofing demands a colorimetric rendering intent. The final rendering intent saturation is often used in the graphics industry to ensure the maximum colour range in the final output.

What is the maximum size I can print?

With all 4 of our digital C-type papers (Fuji Matt, Fuji Gloss, Kodak Metallic & Fuji Flex) you can print up to 30" wide, and however long you like. You can go larger with Giclee prints - the maximum width for German Etching and Harman Warmtone Gloss is 44", whereas with Harman Gloss you can go up to 54". The rest of the Giclee papers we carry (Epson Semi-Gloss, Hahnemühle Pearl, Hahnemühle Photo Rag) can be printed up to 60" wide. 

When do I need to calibrate my monitor display?

In the following situations:

  • When purchased or installing a monitor.
  • Changes in monitor viewing environment.
  • Necessary every three to four weeks
  • Changes in light level or viewing angle.
  • Accidental manual adjustments to brightness or contrast.

How do I go back to my order if I navigate away?

If you have already uploaded your images in our ordering system and navigate through to other pages of our website, you can go back to your order by using the "back" button. If you click on "order" again, your uploads will be lost and a new session will start.

What file format should I upload?

File formats must be RGB Tiff or Jpeg and 8 bit. Flattened with no additional elements such as channels or paths.

Payment & Delivery

What is the turnaround time for my order?

For print order collection, we aim to have your prints ready within 2 hours. For home delivery, prints are dispatched within 48 hours. Mounting turnaround time is 5 working days, unless you order Acrylic Reverse mounting which can take up to 10 working days. Framing turnaround time is 10 working days. If you need your order faster than the stated time, please get in touch.

What is the cut off time for ordering next day City Link delivery?

In order to have next working day delivery, print orders must be received by 1pm GMT for same day dispatch via City Link. If your order is large or you order prints on several different paper types, it may not be possible to do same day dispatch. We will contact you if this is the case.

How long does Royal Mail delivery take?

Our Royal mail 1st class recorded delivery is 1-5 working days from despatch. Orders are usually delivered in 1 or 2 days but there is no guarantee of this and can take up to 5 days.

Does requesting a City Link courier get me a quicker delivery?

City Link is more reliable than Royal mail 1st class post and gives you the ability to track your order. City Link is next working day. If you require a Saturday delivery please contact us.

Do you deliver to countries outside the UK?

Yes we can. The City Link prices on our website are for within the UK only. Please contact us for delivery prices to other countries.

How do I pay?

By credit or debit card on the payment page after making your print selection and logging into your online account.