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Incredible talent revealed at BJP Breakthrough exhibition

BJP Breakthrough Awards 2016

Another BJP Breakthrough Awards has come to an end, with some incredible talent on show and the just winners work printed and framed by theprintspace. The popularity and support for Breakthrough Awards goes from strength to strength and we would like to congratulate all of the winners and the BJP for putting on a diverse show and engaging weekend of talks. 

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Graduate Series | Jan McCullough – Home Instruction Manual

Graduate Single Image | Piotr Karpinski – Woman in the Church No. 

Undergraduate Series | Simone Sapienza – Charlie surfs on Lotus flowers

Undergraduate Single | Image Daragh Soden – Young Dubliners


Runners up

Graduate Series | Coline Amos – DIHVIN IDYLLE

Graduate Series | Alexandra Hootnick – The Sixth Day-In Progress

Graduate Single Image | Huang Lucang – Unidentified Space

Graduate Single Image | Sam Ivin – from the series Lingering Ghosts

Undergraduate Series | Kasper Palsnov – SALT

Undergraduate Series | Alice Schoolcraft – The Other Side


Print like a winner!

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