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In Darkness, Light - An Exhibiton by Lawrence Watson

In Darkness, Light - an exhibition by Lawrence Watson. 17th - 27th June.  

“I think anyone can fall victim to one addiction or another. Certainly anyone can become homeless. Anyone can end up on the streets, I could, you could. I think it’s just common humanity. You want to hold out a hand to people don’t you? Which is what this organisation does so why wouldn’t people come and support you?” - Ken Loach 

In Darkness, Light is an exhibition with the photographs of Lawrence Watson in partnership with the charity Spitalfields Crypt Trust which changes the lives of those battling alcohol and drug related addiction.  We’re honoured to be hosting this body of work and the exhibition runs from the 17th to the 29th June at theprintspace Gallery. As always admission is free and light refreshments provided. 

“Spitalfields Crypt Trust does so much important work to help vulnerable people rebuild their lives. I hope that people find this exhibition interesting and thought-provoking, and that, vitally, it inspires renewed support for the charity.” Lawrence Watson




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