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The enigmatic Gavin Mills will be exhibiting with theprintspace

We’re pleased to announce our next exhibition: Invisible People by Gavin Mills - social documentary and street photographer, international DJ, record producer and member of Defected Records!




Invisible People focuses on the homeless people who live and sleep on London’s streets, people we often pass everyday with indifference, in support of charity: The Connection at St Martin’s.

“It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if you did not have a roof over your head, a door to close behind you or a place to keep your belongings. 

The word ‘HOME’ means so much more than just the building. 

Home is the place where we can be exactly who we are, without being judged. It‘s a place we can fill with belongings and set them out: things that give us a sense of who we are or who we aspire to be. A home is a place we can share with family and our friends. 

I don’t know what the solution for homelessness is, but I do know it needs attention and I hope that the pictures here capture some of wonderful spirit and courage of the homeless people I’ve met working on this project and also that my pictures can help us to empathise and feel a human connection with those who might otherwise be forgotten or made to feel invisible.”

Join us on Thursday 5th May from 7.30pm at theprintspace Gallery for the private view and launch of the exhibition. Prints will be available for purchase, with all profits donated to The Connection at St. Martin’s to help them continue their great work with the homeless community. Refreshments will be provided and the event is open invite (so no RSVP needed!). Admission is, as always, free.

Gavin is also selling an ebook of the photographs from the exhibition, which costs £5 and all proceeds go to The Connection at St. Martins’s to help the homless. Click here to purchase the book.

The exhibition will continue until Thursday 19th May at theprintspace Gallery, Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm.


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