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Are these topiary cats real or just impressive photoshop?

Adobe photoshop impresses again, along with a very skilled retoucher, by fooling the internet into believing these topiary cats are the product of a gifted landscape designer and not manipulated images. Would you believe these were real topiary sculptures?


tumblr_o81a7vi8eq1qahvd2o2_1280.jpg tumblr_o81a7vi8eq1qahvd2o1_1280.jpg


Here’s something a little different for you on our blog today! Imagine the setting, you’re walking through an idyllic countryside setting, through some large estate and see a giant green cat, made out of the nearby hedge! Or that’s what artists Richard Saunders would have you imagine! Whilst on a afternoon walk Saunders saw a long hedge overstretching a lawn.

“It reminded me of an animal sleeping, and I thought to myself ‘you could change that into a cat quite easily’,” Mr Saunders recalled.




With this moment of inspiration, Saunders set upon himself the challenge of making more images based on his cat who sadly passed away recently. The effect are these Alice in Wonderland esque images which capture the imagination and allow the viewer to be taken away somewhere else for a few moments. Richard spoke to the BBC on the impact of the images he had created:

“I’m fascinated by how things go viral - I never planned to make any money out of the project. It’s just a bit of fun,” Mr Saunders said.

The money side of things must be a plus for a hobby, but on Richard’s facebook page, there are those still posting who believe the images to be real. Holding onto that little bit of wonder sometimes absent from the world.

All images copyright of Richard Saunders.


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