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New Feature Announcement: Sharing

thehub has just released a new feature called Sharing, allowing hub users to directly send images to others, becoming an amazing alternative to Dropbox with cost-effective storage and superior image categorisation. With this addition, thehub creates a single platform for professional artists & photographers to manage their archives, printing, promotion and art sales. 


Promote, Print, Sell & Share artwork

The new features offer a simplified opportunity to store and share artwork to any contact or organisation. 

The user sharing their artwork can optionally allow the receiver to print, download and even sell their images on the user's behalf, whilst being able to change the permissions set at any time; maintaining control over their images.


Benefits of sharing through thehub

  • Store an extensive image archive and easily organise with tags
  • Share images to collaborators and clients seamlessly
  • Offer optional permissions to print, download or sell the user's art
  • Syndicate art sales and get work featured on high-traffic sites
  • Track limited edition sales from one central location
  • Enter awards & competitions – keep an eye out for our announcements

How do sharing sales work?

As existing hub users are already aware, art sales can be enabled for their own website. Now with sharing, hub users can additionally give permission to others to sell their artwork on their behalf. 

Any site that sells a shared print on behalf of a hub user will earn a 30% share of the art sales profit. This incentivises other sites to feature hub artists to their large audience networks of engaged art enthusiasts and buyers.

Wherever the sales are made from, albeit the owner's website or from someone else's site, thehub instantly updates the number of limited editions sold. This allows the user to monitor these from a single location. Regardless of which site they are sold from, all certificates will have the original artist’s branding and signature on, which again is managed within the user’s hub account.


Who can artwork be shared with?


A hub user can share their artwork with any contact: collaborators, colleagues, professionals, galleries, clients etc., regardless if the receiving contact is a current user of thehub.

Over time we will be announcing partnerships with prestigious arts, media & photographic organisations that will also allow users to easily enter awards, high profile exhibitions and submit their work for features. Make sure to watch out for these announcements made in thehub!


Learn more about sharing here