When you make a print sale on your website, the order will be marked as ‘unfulfilled’ or terminology to this effect in your product list. This is the default order status on most e-commerce websites.

Don’t worry, we still receive the order, and in fact the status in your store does not play a role in the fulfilment process at all.

It is up to you how you manage your order list. You may wish to mark the order as fulfilled immediately, and some websites such as Shopify have automation for this. Or, you may wish to mark your orders as fulfilled once we email you the tracking number. If you wish, you can even leave the order as unfulfilled. Regardless, we fulfil the order.

Note that your buyer will often receive an email if you mark your order as fulfilled notifying them of this. Again, you can configure these details in your account settings.

Updated on 11 May 2022

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