By default, dropshipping orders to the UK and EU/EEA are sent via postage, which is a fast and reliable service. Orders shipped outside the UK and EU/EEA (i.e USA, Canada, Australia) are shipped DHL Express Courier, as are framed orders to all destinations.

You can also elect to upgrade orders shipping to the UK and EU/EEA to express courier. Here is a delivery time comparison:

(business days)Fulfilment timePostage EstimatePostage ActualCourier EstimatedCourier Actual
United Kingdom2-51-21-211-2
Europe (EU)2-52-72-1011-3
Europe (EEA & CH)2-52-72-101-22-4
United States2-5n/an/a2-32-5
Aus/ NZ2-5n/an/a55-7
Rest of World2-5n/an/a2-72-10

Here’s how you upgrade to courier in your creativehub account:

  1. Login to your creativehub account and navigate to ‘Art store settings’
  2. Select ‘fulfilment settings’ from the left hand side menu
  3. Use the toggle to activate the zones you want fulfilled by courier

When you upgrade to courier, the default postage shipping rates we charge no longer apply. Instead we charge you the courier prices.

Updated on 1 February 2023

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