What does an API do?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a piece of software or code that allows information exchange between two separate applications.

theprintspace API allows you to integrate our dropshipping solution with any website or mobile app. The order fulfilment process works through the information exchange that the API facilitates.

Should I use the API for my website?

Our API allows you to connect our dropshipping solution with any website or mobile app. This is particularly beneficial for galleries, institutions, businesses or artists with custom-coded websites or with websites that have considerable traffic.

How do I integrate the API with my website?

APIs are complex web development solutions. You will most likely need the support of a web developer for this process. Alternatively you can start integrating the API yourself with the help of this API documentation.

Other ways to drop ship your art

We also have 6 plug-and-play integrations for Shopify, WIX, Etsy, Squarewsapce and WooCommerce. You can get set up to sell your art via these website platforms in no time using our quick guides! Get set up now.

Updated on 8 February 2023

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