What is thehub?

thehub is a cloud based software print-on-demand service designed to make it easy for photographers and artists to store, order and sell prints online. Add art sales to your website with world class art print fulfilment.

The main features allow you to:

  • Sell prints online by connecting the images in your hub account directly to your website
  • Order pro-grade prints and archival fine art mounting
  • Create limited edition print runs
  • Store and organise your images using our tagging system

Why should I sign up for a hub account?

Do you need an end-to-end art sales print-on-demand solution to sell your work online through a trustworthy source? Do you require the printing and fulfilment delivered to the highest standards? Then thehub is for you.  

Do I need any technical skills to use thehub?

Setting up microsites and site connect is very easy and has been designed in such a way for users of all ability to work with. Thehub integrates into your existing website in minutes without any coding knowledge required and without having to change your website. The built in styling options enable you to create a seamless look and feel.


Is there an initial fee to set up thehub and sell work?

Setting up a hub account is completely free! We give you 10GB free as a basic storage plan. If you require extra storage, we also offer a bronze package of 50GB at £5 pcm, a silver package of 250GB at £25 pcm as well as a gold package of 1TB at £100 pcm.

Is it easy to prepare and upload my files into thehub?

It is a very simple process to upload your files onto thehub. We recommend uploading the largest filze size you have at 300dpi, ensuring maximum quality for your prints. This video will tell you how to prepare your file to print at thehub and to get the best from our professional printers:

Advantages of connecting thehub to your website

What is Site Connect?

Site Connect is a hassle-free print-on-demand way to sell your work directly from your website where we handle all the logistical details: payment, printing, delivery and even customer service. You simply need to upload your images into your hub account, set your prices, copy and paste a small piece of code we give you into your site, and then a buy button will automatically appear on the matching images on your website, so your site visitors can purchase prints.

What will my website look like using Site Connect?

Site Connect will provide the selected images on your website with ‘Buy Print’ button. Here is an example of an existing Site Connect user:

Can I use Site Connect on all website platforms?

We currently provide the site connect JavaScript code for Squarespace, Cargo Collective, Format, Weebly, Wordpress and PhotoShelter. It may work on other sites, including your own custom builds but we cannot guarantee that at this point. If you need support in this regard please call our customer service team.  

What are microsites?

I don't have a website; can I still use thehub?

We suggest that if you want a website but don’t currently have one, that you should use one of the easy template sites that we support. For example if you use Squarespace you can set up a beautiful designed site in a matter of hours and for a very competitive price of around £10 per month. As an alternative you could use our Microsite option. Microsites are single online galleries where you can upload your work, which provide shareable links to showcase your work where you see fit online and on social media. You do not need to have your own website in order for microsites to work. In these microsites you have complete control over paper types, pricing, sizing and formats.

Selling your artwork

What do I need to know before selling art?

Understanding the art market and where your work fits into the art world will help you be better prepared to price and sell your artwork. It also helps to understand who your target audience is for your artwork will also help you sell more. For more information on selling your art, read here.

How to sell your prints online

When you use site connect, you place a small piece of code on your website which matches images on your site with images in your hub account. Where a match is found a buy button and shopping checkout gets automatically injected into your site by our sophisticated software allowing the whole buying process to happen on your site.  Our solution is plug and play, to allow for an easy set-up process to your existing website.

How much could I charge for my prints?

When pricing your artwork, make sure your prices are reasonable with respect to art criteria, such as your previous art sales history and the depth of your resume. If you have little or no art sales experience, it is suggested that you price your work based on time, labour and cost of materials and/or comparison with sale prices of other artworks of a similar nature. For more information on how to price your art, read here.

Would I be able to track my sales?

Yes, you can view a full list of all the sales you have made within your hub account.  

Can I sell limited editions and sign my work?

We provide beautiful branded limited edition certificates to your customers with each sale. Thehub also tracks and counts the edition numbers sold, meaning your customers can buy in complete confidence. You can also upload your signature into your account, which places your signature onto the certificate. Please ensure that your signature image is a minimum of 200dpi and your background is a pure white RGB (255). 

How would I encourage sales?

The more people who are able to view your work, the more people will buy. Using the power of social media can increase your presence within the industry. Thehub allows you to share your website URL with the embedded ‘Buy Print’ buttons, as well as share your microsites on multiple channels enabling your work to be seen by art-buyers. Researching into the best social media outlet for your work and analysing when the best time to share your work can also help encourage sales. Understanding your customers will ultimately help you sell more.

How easy is it to include my own branding for print sales?

It is very simple to include your own branding. You are able to upload your company logo and website URL which can be seen by your customers on the checkout or microsite when they purchase prints. Your logo and trading name will be included on the invoice for your branding purposes.

Are you planning to sell my prints for me?

No, we are not an art sales catalogue or website. We simply provide the tools for you to sell your art. thehub is a white labelled service allowing you to create microsites to be shared globally, and then we fulfil all orders on your behalf and pay you the proceeds.

Can I retain customer data?

Within thehub >print sales >sales, you have the ability to download a chronological list of all the print sales you have made on thehub. You can also set a date range of your customer data if you are wanting to report on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis. The data can be downloaded as a .csv file.

Current users

Can I see examples of sites using thehub to sell prints?



How do I get paid?

To make sure you receive the money for your artwork you will need to ensure you have included your PayPal email address within your company details settings. If you do not have a PayPal email address, you will need to set one up. 

As according to the Consumer Contracts Regulations, your customers have a right to cancel an order from the moment the order is placed up til 14 days from the day your customers receive the order. For more information read here.

How easy is it for customers to purchase my work?

It is a very simple process for customers to purchase your work from your website with the ‘Buy Print’ buttons displaying clearly on your chosen pieces of art for sale. When customers purchase prints from your website, they are not redirected to another URL, the sales process happens in your site. For payment we take the customer to a secure payment site that displays your branding (provided you have uploaded your branding.)

VAT and invoicing on print sales

We invoice the customer, it has your name and brand on it for reference purposes only, but we make it clear that the invoice is legally from us. The sale is not contractually by us, but we handle the invoicing to ensure that sales tax (VAT) is correctly accounted for and that UK tax law is fully complied with. It has our company registration and VAT numbers on it.

If you are UK VAT registered, we will pay you the VAT on your profit so you can account for the VAT correctly. If you do not supply us with a valid UK VAT number within account settings, we pay the VAT to UK Customs & Excise.

Do I need a company registration number in order to sell on thehub?

No you don’t. You can be a sole trader/partnership/limited company or any other recognised UK legal trading entity.

How much do I earn when my art sells from thehub?

There is a 10% handling fee from the print sale price when you sell your prints through thehub and we deduct the cost of the print at our standard print rates. As you price your prints in the hub we show you a very clear calculator showing what your net profit will be so everything is 100% transparent.

What payment types are available for my customers?

Presently, your customers are available to pay via credit or debit card. We are currently looking into adding PayPal to our services also - watch this space. 

Do I get notifications when my work sells?

You will receive an email notification when you sell your artwork. You can also track your sales within Print Sales settings. Additionally, you can track a certain time frame for your sales data and export it as a .csv file.

How long does it take for my money to reach my account?

You will receive payment of your prints at the end of the following month. Your money will be paid via PayPal into your account. 

Delivery and collection

Which courier do you use to deliver work?

We currently use Royal Mail, UK Mail and Team Global for our delivery services. We ensure that each courier delivers promptly and professionally providing you and your customers flexible timed delivery options.

Do you offer complete fulfilment?

Thehub provides you with a complete end-to-end art sales solution. We offer world-class art production to guarantee the quality of your brand.

Can I sell my prints internationally?

Yes, we ship to most countries. If the country is in the drop down menu on the checkout, then we ship to it!

Where can I track shipments?

This information will be sent to you with a tracking number in an email when your order is dispatched, but just in case, here are the places to track an order:

Royal Mail

UK Mail

Team Global


What support is available to me if I have a problem?

If you are unable to find your answers within our FAQ section, email us on or call our customer service line on 020 7739 1060. We endeavour to answer emails within 2 hours during UK office hours (9am-5pm).

We also have our helpdesk section, where you may find helpful articles to help answer your queries. 


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