How temperature, damp, humidity and exposure to light affects the longevity of a bespoke framed print.

No direct sunlight

For best longevity protect framed and dry mounted prints from direct sunlight. Try to avoid south facing windows and use ultraviolet (UV) filtering glass for framing valuable artwork that cannot be reproduced.

Environments with high humidity

We recommend that largely humid areas environments be avoided. Deterioration of paper and materials is increased by humidity as well as the potential risk of damage from mould and pests.

Fluctuation in humidity levels also can create tension across the surface of your work, causing undulations and a ripple effect.

Damp walls

We recommend that you do not hang your framed work directly against the interior of the outside wall that is affected by damp as mould will likely build up inside the frame.

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Updated on 10 June 2022

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