Kickstart 2023 with print sales and set the tone for what’s to come this year! Many people hold back at Christmas time so that they can spend during the January sales period. So it’s a good time to attract new customers, engage with them and show your art prints, or retarget existing customers who did not make a purchase in the past year. 

Planning a print sale in January requires a slightly different approach because you need to capture the attention of people who are still getting over the mad rush of the Christmas sales season. You need to have some exciting options and offers as part of your sales communication to ensure your audience cannot resist participating. That’s why we have prepared a quick reference guide for you to get set up for the January sale.

So don’t hibernate while others get busy! Now is the time to start marketing and building your collector base.

5 email marketing ideas

We have come up with 5 email ideas for you to use as part of your print sales marketing strategy. Each of these emails is based on a theme. You can choose the theme that resonates the most with your art brand and then customise the email message to send to your mailing list.

Once you have sent the first email to your customers, remember to follow up with a reminder email, preferably a day before the sale ends, along the lines of “Last day of the sale” or “Last chance to own a print for 20% less”. This will help reiterate your sales communication and act as a nudge for someone who missed out on acting on your first email.

Email idea 1: Your chance to own an original art print for less

Subject text:

January Sale is now on! Own an original art print for less!!

Email text:

Hi there,

Missed a chance to own my prints in the Christmas sale?

Not to worry, the January sale is here! Use the CODE {promo code} with any of my original art prints and make the most of this sale.

Printed to perfection, my art prints are available in {A1/A2/A3/A4/custom} sizes and printed on {giclee or ctype} paper. Don’t miss this sale opportunity. Visit my store now!

Email idea 2: Brighten up your home for 2023

Subject text:

Brighten up your home for 2023! 🖼️

Email text:

New year, new you! How about a new addition to your home?

Check out my latest print collection {collection name} and make a lovely addition to your home.

{Collection name} is inspired by {details}. Celebrate the new year with my art and brighten up your home with these prints. Visit my store now!

Email idea 3: New years, positive wall space!

Subject text:

Start 2023 right with this little gift from me 🙂

Email text:

Hey there,

Hope you had a great start to 2023!

It has been an absolute honour to see my art bringing beauty to your space. Looking back at all your happy faces and social media tags made my year. As a thank you for all your love, here is a PROMO CODE for 20% off on my bestselling collections.

Bring in some lovely additions to your home or office space with my art prints. Visit my store now!

Email idea 4: A thank you for your 2022 support

Subject text:

Thank you for supporting my art in 2022!🫶

Email text:

Hi there,

The past year has been great for me with {print launch, art shows, collabs}. But none of it would have been possible without your support. So here’s a little gift to show my appreciation and to say thank you.

Use the CODE {promo code} to purchase any of my art prints at 20% off for the next 10 days. Visit my store now!

Email idea 5: Own one of my classics, limited time sale!

Subject text:

Limited time sale on all my classics, hurry up now!⏲️

Email text:

There is a story behind every piece of work I make. An emotional connection with the subject of my art. And nothing makes me happier than to see you feel that same connection. So here is your chance to own some of my classics over the years at slightly reduced prices. Offer valid till {end date} only so head over to my store now!

Additional resources

So far, we have provided you with the email templates to get started with your print sales marketing communication. Below we also guide you on getting set up with the additional options and offers for your print sales.

Promo codes

You can create promo codes in your online store using the apps or plugins provided by your e-commerce platform. Refer to these help articles to understand how you can do that:






Countdown timer

A sales countdown timer is an effective way to push your website visitors to make purchases. You can create a countdown timer on your store either with the help of the plugins supported on the platform or by custom coding it.

Shopify, WooCommerce and WIX have plugins available for setting a countdown timer whereas Squarespace requires custom coding.

Interior staging images

A great way to visualise your prints in an office or a home space. You can use stock images from Shutterstock or Unsplash to create preview images of your prints and use them in your marketing emails and other communication.

Thank you videos

A 2022 recap or a thank you video is a good way to highlight your achievements. Here is a great example from Prints for Wildlife on this topic.

Using our 5 email ideas and the additional marketing tools, you can plan & execute a successful January print sale. Don’t let go of this golden opportunity. Getting busy now means more collectors by the summer. Good luck!

Updated on 22 July 2023

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