You can link your limited edition art print variants. For example, you may have an A4 print only variant, and an A4 framed variant. You can choose for these to be counted as the same edition run.

Every time you add a new print variant, we assign it a letter. For example, if you have 2 variants, the first one is A and the second is B. Here is how that looks:

When variants share the same letter, this means that the edition is linked. To change the letter assigned to a variant, use the dropdown menu and select the letter you want:

If you are part way through an edition, i.e some prints have sold from that edition, and you wish to link the edition with another variant, then the letter used to link them will determine which settings the combined editions adopt.

Pls note that when you import products to your store, the inventory will be split equally across the linked variants. So if you link 3 variants of an edition of 100, the variant inventory in Shopify will be split 34, 33, 33. If one runs out, because one variant in the edition is purchased more often, the inventory can be adjusted on the Shopify side. It will not be automatically adjusted. If you want to automatically adjust it you could use this app. We recommend this if you are planning to sell in very high volume in a short space of time.

Updated on 23 February 2023

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