Unlike our other integrations such as Shopify & Squarespace, WooCommerce (WordPress) is a self hosted open source system which means it is less of a controlled environment.

Our WooCommerce service is fully functional, however, due to the above there can be unique settings applied to your WordPress site that can cause conflicts with our Product Import process.

If you are unable to Import Products please try the following:

  1. Import your products with the ‘Shipping rates’ options unticked. Predefined WooCommerce shipping rates can cause conflicts with our Shipping Profiles. Once imported you can change the shipping rates to whatever you wish.
  2. Plugins to your WordPress instance can block our product imports. Try turning all your plugins off and try to import a product. If this works then turn the plugins back on back on one by one to find out which one is causing the issue.
  3. Check your server permissions to ensure that you are not blocking our connection through some security setting. It may also be an issue with how your setup treats cookies or sessions.
  4. If either of the above resolutions do not resolve the issue, seek the advice of a WordPress developer.

Updated on 1 February 2023

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