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Should I sell my prints as limited edition?

Why selling your art online as limited editions can be advantageous.

Why sell limited editions?

  • Selling limited edition products can increase your brand recognition and be advantageous to building your personal brand.
  • Limited editions mean limited availability, and scarcity tends to equal value – particularly for work that is popular and in demand. The number of prints in an edition also make a difference. For example, a limited edition of 20 will be more valuable than a limited edition of 100.

However, the decision is entirely your own and depends on several things including the artwork in question, your goals and other factors.

You can set limited editions numbers using creativehub. If you do, we recommend that you upload a digital signature for the certificate of authenticity that is sent with the order.

Click here to learn how to sell limited edition prints.

Updated on 25 November 2020

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