A lot of artists in the past have been hesitant to show their creative process on social media. Photographers, in particular, have often asked how to do that when it’s photography? You’re obviously not doing a time lapse of painting something but as a photographer, your creative process does not start with clicking the shutter. Your creative process starts weeks before that. If it’s a long term project, it could have started years before that. And the important thing is to document that creative process.

So whether you’re doing location stuff and it’s like a video diary of getting to that location which could be dramatic or it could be made interesting with some tight editing. If you are deciding and researching what to actually shoot you can document that process. Test shoots, meeting the models, editing etc, there is a big creative process to being a photographer. Obviously there is otherwise you would basically be saying that it’s just turn up, click a button and put it online to sell it. We know that’s not the case.

You have to develop your style as well as a photographer. So you’ve got that side of things to show too. Being a photographer means documenting the natural world, culture, people so you have an interest in, in all of those things. How did you develop that interest? How did you decide on your subject matter that you’re focusing on? This is all part of the creative process in deciding what you’re going to shoot.

Updated on 13 March 2024

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