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What is sales tax (VAT)?

Find out about sales tax (VAT) and when it may be applied to your order or whether you should charge it to your customers.

What is sales tax?

Sales Tax, or Value-Added Tax (VAT) as it is called in the UK, is the tax you may need to charge to customers when they buy a product or service from you.

It is charged at various rates depending on the goods and services for sale, as well as the applicable countries.

Should I charge my customers sales tax?

Please check with your local government to find out whether you should be charging sales tax on your products.

When you sell through your e-commerce store, you need to ensure you charge the correct amount of sales tax (VAT). You must also enter your country of residence in the settings in the creativehub app to make sure you are charged the correct amount of sales tax (VAT).

To find out more about how to set sales tax (VAT) rates in Shopify, you can visit the Shopify help pages on taxation.

Updated on 11 November 2021

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