Our pre-made frames for drop shipping are made from wood & glass materials. The mouldings are available in three colours; black, white or oak. You can also have a card window mount cut and fitted which is available in black, white, cream & ivory. Below are the prices for these frame products in the aspect ratios we offer:

1.41:1 Aspect ratio (A size)

£Frame only£26.40£32.22£47.18£87.76
Frame + window mount£28.77£35.18£51.32£94.26
Frame only€29.04€35.44€51.90€90.56
Frame + window mount€31.65€38.70€56.45€97.06

1:1 Aspect ratio (Square)

£Frame only£32.50£37.50£52.50
Frame + window mount£35.75£41.25£57.75
Frame only€37.38€43.13€60.38
Frame + window mount€41.11€47.44€66.41

3:4 Aspect ratio

£Frame only£33.52£94.76
Frame + window mount£36.69£103.47
Frame only€37.88€107.08
Frame + window mount€41.46€116.92

4:5 Aspect ratio

£Frame only£32.12£41.64
Frame + window mount£34.73£45.54
Frame only€36.30€47.05
Frame + window mount€39.24€51.46

5:7 Aspect ratio

£Frame only£126.55
Frame + window mount£133.87
Frame only€143.00
Frame + window mount€151.27

2:3 Aspect ratio

£Frame only£36.00£46.00
Frame + window mount£39.00£51.00
Frame only€40.68€44.07
Frame + window mount€51.98€57.63

Learn more about our pre-made framing products here

Updated on 1 August 2023

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