When we cannot fulfil an order, because there is an issue that prevents us from doing that, it is shown in your creativehub account as a suspended order. You will also be sent an email about it.

Suspended orders can happen because:

  1. The order appears to be an order that we should fulfil for you, but the SKU codes of the product are not recognised. The suspended order will say No Matching SKUs. Read about this issue here.
  2. There is no delivery address. This could be because you have allowed your customer to check out in your store without explicitly stating a delivery address (we cannot use the billing address as the delivery address unfortunately as often these are intentionally different). Or it could be because you have allowed your customer to select “collection” or “click and collect” or a similar option. Either way, without a delivery address we cannot fulfil the order. 
  3. Other, unspecified error. In this case please contact customer service and we can investigate the cause and get it fixed.  

In the case of (1) or (2), to fix this you cannot just add the delivery address or the SKU to the existing order, as we only import the order once and if it is missing information then the order is effectively a failed order. So, to rectify the problem you must go onto your own checkout and remake the order on behalf of your customer. This will then be reimported as a fresh order, with all the information correct in order for us to fulfil it.     

To view your fulfilment orders, please login to your creativehub account and navigate to art sales settings > store fulfilment

Updated on 17 April 2022

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