Our dropshipping service enables the automatic fulfilment of print sales from your webstore via our plug-and-play integrations. However, you can also order dropshipping products and have them shipped to an address of your choice directly though creativehub.

You do not need to have a webstore connected to creativehub to use this feature. This means anyone can order art prints direct to your customers complete with our premade framing options, limited edition certificates, signatures & edition numbers on prints, custom inserts and branded packaging.

To make a manual dropshipping order, you first need to setup your print products. To do this follow this step-by-step guide.

How to order

Important: If you place a manual order for a limited edition product that you also sell through a webstore you will need to update your webstore stock quantity to reflect this manual order sale.

Step 1

  1. Click your account name to access your account options
  2. Head to ‘Art store settings’ from the dropdown
  3. Click ‘Product list’ from left hand menu

Step 2

  1. Select the Product you want to order a Variant of
  2. Click ‘Order details’ from the bottom right popup option

Step 3

  1. Add the Varaint you wish to order using the +/- selector
  2. Click ‘Order’ when you are ready to checkout

Step 4

  1. Complete the details for your customer.
  2. Total Cost is product cost plus delivery and VAT (if applicable). For more info see this article
  3. To complete the order, click ‘Order’

Step 5

Manual dropshipping orders take payment and move the order into Production instantly. These show in your fulfilment list with n/a next to the ‘store order number’ to help you differentiate between orders made in your store:

Updated on 5 November 2023

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