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What currency is my art sold in when using the Shopify service?

Find out about the currency your online print orders will be sold in and how you can change this via Shopify.

Creativehub currency

creativehub’s default currency can be set to €EUR, £GBP and $USD.

The default currency depends on the country of residence, business registration and/or sales tax registration details in your creativehub account. This can be updated in your main settings.

To see how you can change the currency of your creativehub account, click here.

Shopify store currency

You can determine what currency you sell your products in when you set up your Shopify store. Shopify will also allow you to change your currency up until you have made your first sale. Your store currency will be locked after this.

If your currency differs from the currency options available in creativehub (€EUR, £GBP and $USD), a currency conversion will happen.

Please note: Once your product has been imported to Shopify you can change the price in Shopify, meaning you have full control to set the product at a price which suits your store’s chosen currency.

Updated on 25 November 2020

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