How do limited editions work?

If a product in creativehub is saved with limited edition settings, it’s saved quantity on creativehub is displayed as ‘stock quantity’ (or something similar) on the website listing. 

There are two actions that take place when someone purchases a limited edition product from your website: 

  1. The product quantity reduces in the website inventory 
  2. A limited edition quantity is updated as sold on creativehub

These two numbers are synced so every time a sale takes place on your website, the creativehub number gets updated automatically.

Editing the website’s stock quantity

When a product is imported from creativehub to your website, it’s ‘stock quantity’ is not locked. This means that you can manually edit this quantity on your website. However, when the edit is done on the website, the creativehub quantity does not get updated automatically. You will have to ensure that the stock quantity is in sync with the creativehub quantity, or else we won’t receive those orders.

If you have changed the stock quantity by accident, you can manually adjust the numbers on your website to match creativehub, or initiate a fresh import of the product from creativehub. This will reset the quantity on the website to match the creativehub quantity.

If your product with the limited edition settings gets sold out, your website visitors will not be able to buy that product anymore. This can be resolved if you choose to release another set of limited edition products. A lot of themes available on e-commerce platforms now demonstrate when a product is sold out, so that the customers/website visitors are aware when they are browsing through the website. For example, this is Shopify:

Updated on 8 February 2023

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