Out of the 6 website platforms creativehub integrates with for art sales fulfilment, Shopify offers the best e-commerce solutions for sellers in terms of converting and facilitating sales.

Shopify features

Below are some of the features and benefits that make Shopify the best e-commerce platform:

  1. The checkout process is slicker & widely trusted, leading to higher conversion rates.
  2. Shopify’s payment system ‘Shopify Pay’ means if a customer has checked out on any other Shopify store their details are saved for one-click checkout which again improves conversion.
  3. The checkout offers abandon basket auto emails. This saves their basket and offers a one-click solution to complete the purchase at a later date.
  4. It’s the only integration that allows us to automatically send tracking numbers to your order and update the order as ‘fulfilled’ meaning even less work for you managing your orders.
  5. You can collect emails for marketing with GDPR policy built in.
  6. ‘Customers’ are created which tracks repeat purchases and behaviour.
  7. Shopify offers multiple sales channels natively such as social platforms. You can assign products to channels.
  8. The shipping options are way easier to manage with the ability to set shipping rates based on location, different shipping prices for different products and the option to use creativehub’s shipping profiles.
  9. The platform integrations are way better, like integrating with Instagram or TikTok shops, and frictionless social selling is really important for the future.
  10. 6K apps in the app store. There are loads which can help with upselling and remarketing. There are great inventory management apps which allow linked editions imported from creativehub to pull from the same stock quantity in your Shopify store.
  11. Shopify Markets allows for Geolocating customers. This means the ability to localise currency and language. Prices for each currency can be fixed so that exchange rates do not affect your displayed price. This feature also allows you to choose where customers can purchase from which can be done on a product level.
  12. Shopify’s built-in analytics offers deep insights into customer behaviour and product trends which can inform future print sales and marketing.
  13. It is the easiest platform to use in terms of website and shop functionality both for the seller and the customer.
  14. Free to list products – no hidden charges. You pay for subscription and transaction fee card payments.

Key statistics

Shopify is the leading and the best funded platform which means more resources to improve the platform functionality. Here are some key Shopify statistics:

  • Great and fast responding customer support
  • 80% of our top sellers use Shopify
  • Some of the world’s leading brands use Shopify
  • Second largest platform after Amazon
  • $14M of transactions every hour
  • 4M Shopify merchants
  • 1 new Shopify seller makes sales every 14 seconds

Use our quick setup guide to start selling art online with Shopify!

Updated on 22 March 2023

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