First of all we accept JPEG or TIFF for printing.

Secondly, you should upload your original, highest quality file. There is no need to resize your files. In fact, we advise against doing that.

When you create a print product for drop shipping, you only need to upload a single file in the original, highest resolution that you have. When you set up your size variants we automatically resize the print to the right DPI (300) and the right dimensions for each size variant. So just upload the biggest file you have, and let us handle the rest.

The only time we would advise you to manipulate your file prior to uploading it is if it is not big enough to print at the sizes you want to sell it at. In this case you could use a service for upscaling files to create a large enough file size for the largest size you want to print, and upload that. Upscaling services are available in Adobe products, or you could try an AI upscaling service like this one.

Updated on 18 April 2022

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