Firstly, below are the shipping rates that we charge you during the order fulfilment process. Note that these are the costs that we charge you, the seller. You have complete control over the shipping rates you charge your buyers on your website. We recommend that you make shipping free, and increase your product prices to account for this. Free shipping is a proven method for increasing your conversion rate.

Shipping destinationAll sizes
Global / all countries£7.00

Framed prints

Shipping destinationA4A3A2A1
United Kingdon£9.83£11.51£13.29£19.44
North America£21.25£22.93£31.75£36.97

Your website shipping settings

Here is where to access your shipping settings on your website:

Shopify: ‘settings’ > ‘shipping & delivery’

Squarespace: ‘commerce’ > ‘shipping’

WooCommerce: ‘woocommerce’ > ‘settings’ > ‘shipping’

Etsy: ‘settings’ > ‘delivery settings’

WIX: ‘settings’ > ‘shipping & fulfilment’

Import our shipping rates

If you want a quick solution for setting up your shipping rates, you can import your products with the shipping rates we charge you pre applied. When you do this, a shipping profile will be created in your shipping settings called ‘creativehub’. You will see this option during the import process:

There are a few things to note with this service:

  • Ultimately, we think you should set up your own shipping rates and set them as zero. Increase your product prices slightly to absorb this cost. This will increase your conversion rates
  • WIX & Squarespace do not allow us to push this shipping information, so, if you use either of these websites you can only set up your shipping manually
  • Print only variants import a single shipping profile. This is £7 globally
  • Framed prints have separate shipping profiles based on the sizes, prices and shipping destinations listed above in the price table
  • Etsy does not allow us to import shipping rates on a variant level. Instead, a single shipping profile is created which would apply to all products assigned to that profile. In other words, if you sell a product with a framed and unframed variant, they will be assigned the same shipping rate. To help with this, we import an averaged shipping rate for the profile.

Updated on 17 May 2022

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