We have produced for your use a set of recommended minimum print prices with profit margins ranging from 40% to 80%. These prices are based on extensive research into the art print market combined with our experience dropshipping fine art prints for thousands of artists who have achieved career freedom with online art print sales.

These recommended prices resemble the market rates for high quality original art printed to a professional fine art standard. But what’s important to note is these prices have also taken into account brand perception. This means charging prices that reflect a quality art brand, because if you undercharge the perception of your quality also drops. We have written a whole article on how brand impacts pricing which you can read here.

The way to create a sustainable art sales business is to sell a premium product, and that includes offering quality delivery. For this reason we believe it’s also important to charge shipping, which you should combine with a value statement such as “Fast, secure DHL express delivery”. With the above in mind, take a look at the prices below:

GBP (£) Print prices

View GBP recommended prices here

EUR (€) Print prices

View EUR recommended prices here

Once you have priced your art your next step is marketing the launch of your store. This is your chance to communicate the quality of the work, the craft, the creativity, your track record as an artist, the production process, the quality of the print production and materials, the bespoke branding, limited editions plus the fact that our service is end-to-end carbon neutral, which means your art sales are too! All of these factors are what drive and justify your prices, so make sure you shout about this in your marketing. Use our guide below to launch your store.

Updated on 13 March 2024

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