The shipping methods we provide to fulfil your orders are mutually exclusive. In other words, you cannot offer both postage and express courier rates to your customers. Here’s how this works:

Postal shipping

The default option for the UK and EU/EEA, i.e unless you upgrade to courier, is postage. We use Royal Mail in the UK (shipped from our London Studio) and Deutsche Post for the EU/EEA (Shipped from our Dusseldorf studio). For any countries outside these regions orders are shipped express courier. To view our shipping rates for postage click here.

Express courier shipping

For all orders being shipped outside the UK and EU/EEA (i.e USA, Canada, Australia) we ship DHL Express courier only (shipped from our London studio). You can also upgrade orders being shipped to the UK and EU/EEA. To upgrade to courier and to learn about costs click here.

Framed orders

Express courier shipping

Framed orders to all shipping destinations, including the UK and EU/EEA are shipped via express courier. Learn more about shipping rates for framed orders here

Updated on 19 February 2024

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