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Can I customise my print products in my store?

Learn what details of your print product can be changed once imported from theprintspace/creativehub into your store.

Customising your product in Shopify

Once your products have been imported into Shopify, they will be ready to list for sale.

At this point, you have full control to customise the product listing in Shopify itself, including name, description, pictures, price and more.

However, please note these important points:

  • Price: If the retail price is changed in Shopify, our charge for the print cost will remain the same. You are able to lower the retail price below the print cost we charge, which means you could lose money on sales. This is the seller’s responsibility to manage.
  • Limited editions: If you have limited editions, this will display as ‘stock quantity’ in Shopify. These are synced between creativehub and Shopify, so when you sell a limited edition product, the stock will decrease in Shopify and one limited edition product will be ticked off in creativehub.

    ‘Stock quantity’ is not locked in Shopify. If you change this number, the number in creativehub will not change. It is the seller’s responsibility to make sure the stock quantity reflects the settings applied in creativehub.

    If you change it by accident, a fresh import of the product will reset the stock quantity to match the setting in creativehub.
  • SKU code: Similarly, the SKU code is not locked. If a SKU code is changed in Shopify, this product will no longer be recognised as a creativehub product.

    Please note: sales will not be fulfilled by us if the SKU code is changed. 

    If you change it by accident then you can delete the product. A fresh import will recreate the product with the original SKU code and this will then be recognised again as a creativehub product.

Updated on 11 November 2021

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