An order fulfilment status tells you what stage your order is at, i.e if it’s in production, has been shipped or, maybe there is an error. 

You can check the fulfilment status of your order in the ‘Store fulfilment’ page of your creativehub account. Learn about viewing your drop shipping orders in creativehub in this article.

Below we define each status:

  • New order: Order received and sent to production
  • In Production: Order fulfilment in process
  • Dispatched: Order shipped to the customer
  • Card required: Payment card is missing from your creativehub account. You need to add a card so we can debit the fulfilment costs and process your order. 
  • Payment failed: Order cannot be processed because the payment of fulfilment costs (debited from your account) failed. You need to resolve this issue with your bank so we can retry the payment and process your order. 
  • Suspended order: Order cannot be processed due to any of the three reasons below: 
    1. Shipping address is missing from your order details
    2. SKU code of the print product on the website is different from the code generated in creativehub
    3. The ‘Print’ option ordered from the website does not exist in creativehub.

Updated on 8 February 2023

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