Receiving payments from your customers for your drop shipping orders, and paying for the print fulfilment costs of those orders with creativehub are 2 separate transactions:

Transaction 1: Customer & Seller

The first transaction that happens is between the customer and the seller. This takes place in your store.

The customer pays the seller the retail cost of the product, as well as any shipping costs that the seller has applied in their store settings.

This is paid into the seller’s store account, then deposited into the seller’s nominated bank which is set up in the store’s main settings.

Creativehub does not play any role in this customer + seller payment process.

Transaction 2: Seller & creativehub

When a creativehub product sells in the seller’s store, creativehub will automatically detect this via the unique SKU code.

The order is then imported back into creativehub’s production management system for fulfilment at our in-house print lab. When your order arrives into our production system, we will debit you for the production costs.

The production costs are the print cost & shipping rate. Learn about these here.

If you have not added a payment card for the fulfilment costs, you will receive an email notification to let you know that a payment card is required.

Updated on 23 February 2023

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