When you make a sale in your store, we import the details and create a fulfilment order in your creativehub account the following day.

To check a sale you have made has been received by us, please wait one day and login to your creativehub account and navigate to art store settings > store fulfilment

If you have waited one day, and you do not see the fulfilment order in your account then you may not have set up your products correctly. Please check the relevant quick guide for your website or store here to make sure you have set your products up correctly.

Also make sure the order in your account is a normal, regular order. Draft orders do not get imported.

Lastly, check your creativehub account is still connected to your website or store account. A common reason for orders not being imported is that users have inadvertently disconnected their creativehub accounts.

If you have followed the correct product setup process, your store is connected to your creativehub account, and your order has still not appeared in your creativehub account, then please contact our customer service.

Updated on 16 April 2022

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