Order production

All the orders created on a particular day are sent for production after midnight of that particular day. This means that if you have sold 10 products from your website on May 2nd, all those orders will be sent to our production system after midnight of May 2nd. The same process will take place even if you have sold only 1 product on a particular day. 

This process helps in grouping the multiple orders that are created in one day, into one invoice, so that the seller is charged only once per day.

You will need to complete your payment details in your creativehub account so that we can debit you for the order fulfilment costs, else you will get notified to add a payment card for us to process your order. Here is how you can add your payment card in creativehub.

Order fulfilment

Once we have received the payment for order production and fulfilment, the order is sent to our production management system. Orders are often printed and despatched within 48 hours.

You will be notified via email once the order is shipped from our end. You will also receive the order tracking information that you can update on your website and share with your customers. 

No commission, no hassle

Creativehub provides a 100% hassle-free and commission-free automated service. You only need to choose what to sell, and we handle fulfilment from printing all the way to customer service.

Our customers have only positive things to say about our service. Have a look at some of our customer reviews here!

Updated on 22 April 2022

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