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To make the best prints, you need to best equipment and the best papers

At our studio, we print on machines that are only used by professional labs & we offer a broader selection of paper types than anywhere else. For collection, your prints are usually ready within 2 hours, and for home delivery, orders are dispatched within 48 hours.

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The ultimate professional archival prints; silver based C-types
Digital C-types are real photographic prints, created on light
sensitive professional photographic paper using a finely balanced
red, green & blue light source.
Available in 50inches
C-type Fuji Gloss
C-type Fuji Gloss C-type Fuji Gloss
Fuji Gloss Fujifilm
Professional colour paper from the
Fuji Crystal Archive range with a
gloss finish, which accentuates the
colour to give a punchy, rich feel.
C-type Fuji Matt
C-type Fuji Matt C-type Fuji Matt
Fuji Matt Fujifilm
Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a
semi-matt finish. The paper is coated
with a slightly stippled finish and gives
a very natural photographic finish with
subtle colour.
C-type Fuji Flex
C-type Fuji Flex C-type Fuji Flex
Fuji Flex Fujifilm
Fuji Flex, a.k.a. super-gloss, has a
plastic feel to the paper with a warm
base colour and an ultra high gloss
finish, giving luxurious rich colours.
C-type Kodak Metallic
C-type Kodak Metallic C-type Kodak Metallic
Kodak Metallic Kodak
Kodak Metallic has a rich metallic
base. The colours have a reflective,
metallic and 3-dimensional feel to
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The packs have 10 original prints from a
selection of our clients to show off the
attributes of each paper type we offer.
Technical Data
Print sizes (max): 30" by 1,950" (76.2cm x 5000cm)
File preparation resolution: 300 DPI
Printer resolution: 425 PPI (relative resolution 1500 DPI)
Technology: Continuous tone - photographic process
Archival life expectancy: 40 years daylight, 80 years in dark
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