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Choose professional fine art mounting in 3 easy steps

Mounting for exhibitions and permanent or temporary display is a
great way to show off your prints. The mounting choice is based
on aesthetic preferences as well as durability, ease of
transportation and the display environment.

Mounting has a 5 working day turnaround time, but if you need it
done faster please contact us.

Step 1 Choose your substrates
Print Mounting on Aluminium


High-quality aluminium
giving rigid and
hardwearing backing.
Fixture options: Battens or
Print Mounting on Dibond


A lightweight Composite of
aluminium and PVC.
Colour options: High Gloss
or Matt Anti-reflect. Fixture
options: Battens or
Print Mounting on Foamex PVC

Foamex PVC

Foamex is an exceptional
quality stiff & rigid
foamboard. Colour options:
Black or White Fixture
options: Velcro.
Print Mounting on Acrylic Reverse

Acrylic Reverse

The artwork is backed with
Perspex, aluminium or
dibond then clear Perspex
is mounted over the top for
a very contemporary look.
Fixture options: Subframe.
Print Mounting on Foam Board

Foam Board

Also known as foamcore,
foamboard is lightweight,
flexible and affordable.
Colour options: White
Fixture options: Velcro or
press in fixings.
Print Mounting on Museum Card

Museum Card

A 2mm acid free, archival
quality card is our most
affordable backing option.
Fixtures options: Velcro.
Print Mounting on MDF


Durable and rigid. A
durable and cost effective
way to display a variety of
print types. Colour: Black
or White painted edges.
Fixtures: Battens/ MDF
Print Mounting on Perspex


Perspex face mounting
means mounting to 3mm
Perspex, which comes in
black, white, red, grey,
green, blue & yellow. Must
have a sub frame to
prevent warping.
Step 2 Choose your fixtures
Print Mount Fixing - Split Battens

Split Battens

Cheap and effective.
Battens work by mounting
two corresponding strips of
wood - one to the
substrate, one to the wall -
which slot into each other.
Print Mount Fixing - Subframe


Subframes are light, strong
and are hung on screws,
making them extremely
Print Mount Fixing - Velcro


Velcro makes mounting
fast and simple. A popular
choice for temporary
exhibition use and light
substrates such as card,
foamboard and foamex.
Print Mount Fixing - MDF Nail Fixings

MDF Nail Fixings

Nail fixings are for use with
MDF mounting only. There
are several options and the
one you choose depends
on personal preference.
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Step 3 Choose an optional acrylic seal
An Acrylic seal is protective acrylic coating to front of a print, and is especially
useful in protecting prints hung in environments that make them more vulnerable to
being marked or damaged.

The options for acrylic seals are matt, satin, or gloss and all seals are scuff
resistant and help to reduce UV damage to the print itself.
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