5 ways to make remote working easy! Introducing version.new

March 30, 2020

Version.new is a FREE file transfer & remote working tool from creativehub to help keep the creative industry moving.

Whether used for illustrations, photography, graphic or digital design, users can instantly send files to whoever they choose. Everyone gets a link to the project, where they chat live, comment on files, upload new versions, and use the pen tool to directly mark up areas of an image they want to change.

The page is accessible on desktop or mobile and one of the best things is that no one needs an account to be able to use it. This means it can help right now, today, to make remote working easier for the world’s creative industry. 

“One of the things we discovered when we were discussing the design of the tool is that nobody should require an account to use it. It had to be something you could just instantly use” says Stuart Waplington, CEO of creativehub. 

“Being able to draw and markup directly on images is a key part of commenting, you don’t want to try to explain in words, you just want to point at what you mean. It’s this aspect of the tool that we’re most excited about. It is also important it is free, because creative people like some many others are going through a really tough time.” 

The tool is called Version.new, that’s also the domain name. It sits on Google’s new .new domain system for instantly usable web based software tools that don’t need accounts. There are features to support users throughout a creative process. A really important one of those is version tracking, which is where the name came from.

“Version tracking on Version.new is an absolutely core feature” Says Vanessa McCloskey, Head of User Testing. “When a user comments and marks up an image, the person or team they are collaborating with can make changes and improvements to the image, and then upload a new version. When they do this everyone can compare the images side-by-side and resolve the comments that have been addressed.”

Version.new can also be used for file transfer. “Basically it is one of those popular large file transfer tools, but combined with live chat and commenting tools. So it is an evolution for remote working and we hope it helps to keep things moving.” says Waplington. 

Here’s just 5 ways version.new can help make remoting working easier for you:

  1. Large file transfer
  2. No accounts required
  3. Live chat & comment on projects
  4. Markup images using a pen tool
  5. Upload & track new versions

Oh, and did way say, it’s FREE…


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