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July 18, 2023

A global community of over 1,000 artists & photographers, and actively growing with a common goal – to increase online art sales and build a self-sustaining creative career. All our conversations revolve around the ultimate goal of achieving creative freedom and financial empowerment for artists.

If you are curious about what is being discussed in the group, here are some highlights.

Learning Reels

In the group we have spent a lot of time discussing Reels as they are a great way to grow. Reels can regularly be shown to people who do not follow you, and then it’s easy for someone to click follow after watching it, so this is how they fuel growth.

Caroline Millar is a group member who has been really active in the conversations and she applied the learnings, with some great results. Her new reel received 20x more views and 7x more engagement than all her previous reels. We define a successful Reel as one that delivers more plays than you have followers…this means it has almost certainly been shown to people who do not follow you, which is what you need to get growth. You can watch Caroline’s reel below:

If you want to learn about reels, join the group and watch this AMA. You can also share your reel ideas with the group to get some feedback.

Planning Print Drops

Creating urgency and scarcity is the best way to drive online art sales from social media. Social media is so crowded with content and ideas that you need this tactic to cut through the noise and spur people into action; i.e. to buy!

Nobel prize winning psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, has researched extensively on how the Scarcity Principle affects our decision-making process. It is a heuristic that humans have been using forever to create urgency to act and to move out of a passive state, and it is equally effective for online art sales. We have spent a lot of time discussing this strategy with artists in our weekly AMA sessions and it has been amazing to see the results & the learnings they have shared back with the group.

Mathilde Morant is a group member who took our advice to build urgency while promoting her print sales, and it worked really well for her! From selling a couple of prints a month to selling 18 prints during her limited-time print drop, she has seen a real improvement in her conversion rate. And it is amazing to see her growth because her paintings are beautiful and deserve to be seen by a lot more people.

Watch our discussion with Mathilde to know more about building urgency for your print sales. You can also share your art sales strategy with the group and get some insights from other artists.

Building Landing Pages

Your potential buyers decide if they want to purchase your art prints within the first few seconds of landing on your page. So it is very important that they have the best landing page experience because an underwhelming experience will hurt your conversion rates.

This is one of the most discussed topics in our Facebook group because the goal of every artist is to create high-converting print stores. Based on our experience of running multiple successful print drops for artists, we have defined the most important features of a high-performing landing page and shared them with the group.

Chriss Atkinson actively contributes to the group conversations and is really keen to explore the best ways to grow his art sales. He applied the learnings from our landing page discussions and created a good page for his debut print drop that incorporated the all important timer in the header. This is something that is essential when running a timed drop, as it reminds people that they have limited time to make a decision. Take a look at Chriss’ landing page below:

If you want to know about the key features of a good landing page, then join the group and watch this detailed video. Even better, you can share your landing page design with the group and get some feedback from other artists.

Benchmarking Data

One of the ways that the group will benefit you is by providing benchmarks for the different milestones in your art sales journey. By analysing your print drop data, we can help you understand where you need to focus your efforts in order to improve your overall performance.

Antoine Renault recently concluded a limited edition print drop of some of his beautiful ocean paintings. We examined his sales data and realised that his conversion rate was at par with the average conversion rate of our top sellers. So the next step for Antoine is to get higher traffic to his print store which in turn means growing his social media following, in order to grow his print sales.

This data-driven analysis helped Antoine and other group members to identify where they need to concentrate their efforts in order to improve their sales. You can watch the video here and use the benchmarks to compare your previous print sales data. Or participate in one of our weekly AMAs to understand the complete analysis of your print drop.

Our Sell Out community is constantly experimenting with these strategies and sharing their learnings back with the group so everyone can learn and grow together. So if you want to get more art sales and marketing insights to stay ahead of the curve, join our Facebook group now!


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