Enigmatic images of Kung Fu practices revealed and exhibited soon

November 19, 2015

Book Launch & Exhibition: ‘Hard Work’ is an exploration into the world of Kung Fu revealing the enigmatic daily routine of dedicated Kung Fu artists. The work and book will be launching Thurs 26 Nov at theprintspace Gallery. 


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We’re extremely proud to be a company that’s for artists, by artists, and so we are pleased to announce our next exhibition ‘Hard Work’ by photographer and theprintspace staff member Ameena Rojee!

Order the book and purchase prints here, as well as more information about the work!

“I journeyed to China to pursue my interest in Kung Fu, where I joined the Qufu School of Shaolin Kung Fu. I found a strange yet beautiful fusion between the traditional and the contemporary that unexpectedly echoed contrasts and concepts that were closer to home than I realised. Kung Fu is an art that is shrouded in mystery and myth, and I travelled across the world to immerse myself in something completely unknown to me – and yet in that experience I found an unanticipated familiarity among the visible ongoing shift between the old world and the new world.”

Join us next Thursday to celebrate the launch of Hard Work – the book will be available to purchase at a discounted offer for this night only, including a limited edition signed print! Refreshments will be provided and admission is, as always, free!

The exhibition will then open to the public from 27th November until 30th November at theprintspace Gallery, Mon – Fri, 9am – 7pm.


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