What inspires the beautiful still lifes of London photographer?

February 7, 2014

We discovered Antosh Sergiew’s stunning still life shots while producing his work. Here he tells us what inspires him and how he works.

Antosh Sergiew's still life photographic work featuring this image of a dolce and gabbana lighter Antosh Sergiew's still life photographic work featuring this image of an exploding balloon filled with water Antosh Sergiew's still life photographic work featuring this image of a can of Guiness draught


Antosh Sergiew‘s inspiration to take photographs comes in many forms, and mostly from the world around him, he tells us.

“I love the process of transferring a shot from one medium to my own,” he says. “I’m driven by the idea I have in my mind, and that inspires me to make a shot represent what I personally want to say.”

Antosh believes that can’t beat an old school camera and lens. “I love my Hasselblad 503CW, phase one back, and with capture one work flow,” he explains.

His work lends itself to our Hahnemühle Pearl paper. “I love the feel, the quality, and in my opinion, it looks incredible and steps up to the mark when presented in a portfolio,” explains Antosh.

Still life has always been Antosh’s main focus and his clients include Helen Marren, Runners World, Harrods, Elle and Liberty . “My portfolio will never be complete,” he says. “I’m always pushing myself to try new and exciting ideas.”

“The new year sees me working on creating a year-long Vision Of London,” he adds. “Inspired by the paintings of Moet, and landscape photographer Ansel Adams I’m very excited about this!”

You find more of his still life shots on Antosh Sergiew’s website and you can follow his Facebook page ‘Me, Myself and Eye‘.

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