Brockley Street Art Collective present ‘ENDS’

November 25, 2016


theprintspace Gallery are proud to announce the official exhibition opening of ‘ENDS’ by Brockley Street Art Collective.

Brockley street art are warmly welcomed up to E2 and theprintspace gallery for the show which opens on 1st December. The exhibition is the first collaboration by theprintspace and Brockley Street Art.

ENDS will feature original hand-crafted works by Hunto, Attai, Artista, Skeleton Cardboard, Neonita, ArtMongers, bAMBOpINK and Survival Techniques. All of the works featuring in the exhibition are available as limited edition fine-art prints, powered by thehub.

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The exhibition marks the first major gallery showcase for the street art collective, this project aims to celebrate the many voices that make up Brockley Street Art, with artists from across the globe featuring in the collaboration. The show promises a diverse, visually arresting mixture of creativity centered around themes of origin, territory and dislocation.



This exhibition not only plays on strong themes within youth urban culture where postcode is synonymous with territorial allegiance, but also on the medium of street art which by its very nature is location centric and interacts with and often plays on its surrounding. Now more than ever location and origin are strong factors in our collective and individual identities.  



Brockley Street Art’s goal is to encourage an inclusive, creative environment through their programme of local and international artists coming together to enrich the community. Through their art they aim to counter a growing feeling of alienation and detachment within contemporary society.


I am enough.jpg


As well as bringing colour to the streets,  Brockley Street Art festival provides a valuable chance to invite new visitors into the area, support Brockley’s growing range of independent businesses, and showcase world-class street art in a way that is truly accessible to everyone. 5% of all sales from this show will go to support next year’s festival, which aims to find local talented artists and give them the platform to present work alongside established names.



Join us for the official opening from 7.30pm where Brockley Street Art will present original artworks from the project, with limited edition prints also available for sale direct from the collective website, printed on beautiful, museum-standard fine art papers. All works are produced by theprintspace, and available to buy through thehub.

Join us on the 1st of December by reserving your free ticket below.


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