Creativehub’s amazing cloud storage!

November 22, 2019

From early December, ceativehub’s cloud storage will support all file types. That’s any kind of digital file you might have; Images, video, text, 3D files… If it exists, we’ll store it! We’ll also have a native mobile app for iPhone and Android, so you can access your archive and share files on the move. Sound good? Well here’s some more reasons why our storage rocks!

Unlimited Free storage

We give users unlimited free storage, and that is free, forever. How? With your account you get 5GB of storage at no charge. If you need more storage, this is charged at £8 per 1 TB per month. With that payment, you get an £8 print credit per month, up to a maximum of £40 (5 TB). So if you print with us anyway, the storage cost will be offset by what you save in printing costs, making it virtually free!

Carbon Neutral service

The IT sector currently contributes around 8% of all global carbon emissions. We feel strongly about offering our users a creative platform that also works for our planet. How?

Creativehub is a carbon neutral service. This means where we can we minimise our energy usage and use suppliers of renewable energy. Where unavoidable, we offset all of our carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy projects. We do this using The Gold Standard, as recommended by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the WWF. You can read more about this here.

Creativehub also helps the World Land Trust, who protect threatened natural habitats across the globe through land purchase. For each customer of creativehub, we fund the World Land Trust to buy 25m2 of natural habitat, every year.

Store your files with the new creativehub today!


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