Photographer creates unique photo book on industrial revolution

March 18, 2015

Photographer Dan Mariner creates controversial photo book on the remnants of the industrial revolution inPennsylvania, America. Producing work centered around important social and environmental issues prevalent in our current world, Mariner has turned his attention to a post industrial revolution world and the final work is outstanding.


Join us at theprintspace studios in London on Thursday 26th March to celebrate the release of the book Drake’s Folly, together with exhibited images from the series.

Through the book, Dan Mariner focuses on the oil region of Pennsylvania, and particularly the town of Titusville, where in 1859 Colonel Edwin Drake drilled the well that kickstarted the modern petroleum industry, propelling the world into a full blown industrial revolution.




Mariner journeyed through the region in search of hints to the past boom in oil production and the vast infrastructure that once dominated the landscapes. He was keen to see how the region and natural landscapes had fared since the oil industry began to focus its attention elsewhere across the globe.

Dan is a documentary photographer based in London. Dan is particularly intrigued by how modern infrastructure coexists with the natural world.

All are welcome to attend the private view, taking place on Thursday 26th March, 7pm – 10pm. Refreshments will be provided, and, as always, admission is free!

The exhibition will then open to the public from Friday 17th March until Thursday 2nd April, Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm.


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